What is a Life Coach with the Queen of Self Care?

This is where I the coach get together with you the coachee and work on creating goals and solution - focused strategies to help decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed and shrinking. Queen of Self Care utilizes Self Care tools to help make room for you and the person you are  becoming.

Why You Should have a Mindset Coach:

  • Self Awareness

  • Self Reflection

  • Setting and Crushing SMART Goals

  • You need your own personal cheerleader

  • Accountability

  • A Fresh Perspective

  • Mentoring

  • The AHHH Ha Moment

  • Increase Motivation


  • 1-on-1 with Queen of Self Care

  • Queen Mindset Program

  • 3 C's 

  • Mini Services

Queen of Self Care Services are designed to meet you where you are. You deserve to create your life, make room for who you are becoming! 


Bring Out the Queen from Within

By Fanya Love, MSW

A workbook fit for a Queen! This workbook allows you to put in the work to bring out the Queen from within and reign supreme. 

Best Friends