Tools for Self Love

  1. Drink a soothing cup of tea

  2. Actually schedule doctors appointments because managing your health IS part of self care

  3. Try to remind myself that my flaws also serve a purpose

  4. Get a massage

  5. Listen to relaxation music while working

  6. Make time for silence at least 10 minutes a day

  7. Go outside

  8. Call a friend (or go make a friend if you don't have any good ones)

  9. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day for comedy and/or a good laugh-inducing material

  10. When depression or pms symptoms hit, adjust my expectations. I try not to hold myself to the same productivity and energy level standards to be fair to myself When my attitude just won't improve, take a nap and start fresh.

  11. I don't put myself on diets unless the doctor said so. Diets induce shame and I don't need more of it so I utilize mindful eating principles and try to be honest about when I emotionally eat.

The list was created by my Self Care Valentine

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