Let me enlighten you on the strength on putting Self Care first! One could automatically think that Self Care is a selfish act and well technically it is!


the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.


In a world where we are spending time running a rat race, taking care of others, working on other people’s dreams, full of technology, and in traffic jams daily. We can lose our motivation, drive, happiness, purpose, and sight of goals. It takes strength to make changes in our lives that help us to live a little better. There are so many out there who are struggling to make positive changes because we believe that we don’t deserve better. We go to work sick as a dog when we need a day of rest. We know that we are exhausted but refuse to rest. We have trauma, feel depressed, and have anxiety but too prideful to go and talk to a professional. We sit around people who don’t support us and/or constantly putting us in toxic situations. We are constantly trying to be everything to everyone except ourselves.

It takes strength to put to pay attention to pay attention to the body, emotions, and thoughts when our environment produces chronic symptoms of anxiety. Take the time for yourself you will notice a difference in your mind, body, and spirit!

For those who are in need of encouragement to put their self care first please reach out to for a 30 min consultation.

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