Start Loving You Now


Hey Sis Hey! I know we can get in a rut! You may not know where to start or so deep into the bullsh*t you are lacking clarity and you can’t see yourself! Here is how you start loving on you:

1) Implement the GRACE Morning Routine created by the Queen of Self Care to help busy womens find time for them. This is a quick clarity, confidence, and to build courage.

2) Use the Queen Within Work Book to help give you a start of opening up on how you feel.

3) Reach out to the Queen of Self care there is a lot of content and services that can support you at

4) you need a coach to support your goals and self care needs book now!

5) Try therapy! It doesn’t hurt to connect with someone who is there to listen to to your issues.

6) Take yourself out on a date and be alone. See how much fun you are.

7) Get into nature! Nature brings out the best in us and it provides comfort and a clear mind.

8) Pick up a new activity. When we learn something new it builds our confidence.

9) Talk to You nice! You better get in the mirror and let yourself know your are amazing sexy woman who can accomplish anything!

10) Get creative! Visualize your goals and make a vision board.

11) Write a love note to yourself...judgement free.

12) Rest! Sleep! Do nothing!

13) stretch until it’s yoga!

14) Commit to self love and learning more about you!

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