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Love the bathroom pics at the event when you are feeling good! I’m a new mom and wife and I suffer from #PostpartumDepression. I’ve had to work really hard to show up for my family, my business, and my darn self. I had to learn to resolve and build up my #SelfCare tool kit because I had to deal with me so that I can be a mother and wife. This was definitively my test to deal with a issues I have pushed to the side including #trauma. As happy as I was to become a wife and mother it brought up so much for me. Issues I thought was resolved came to surface. When I had my child it was an amazing moment but I knew I wasn’t okay. I then went to my husband and talked to him about what was coming to surface, talked to my #wisecounsel, and I went into action! I decided to do therapy, get my nails done, journal, reading, going for walks, meditating, praying, expressing my self, advocating for myself, taking note of what I enjoy and don’t. Getting around those who genuinely love and care for me. Everyday is not perfect and sometimes I have to pick myself off the floor but I am thankful because I have the tools, support, and the love around me. I am thankful because I am still an amazing mom and wife and I haven’t given up on either position but making sure I do not neglect myself in the process. Im thankful for my husband, my son, my family, and my girls who checked in with me and visited me through this process. I feel real good! I’m proud of myself! I love the woman who I have become!! Me utilizing my #selfcare tools is #selflove! Self is necessary to not just survive but to thrive! 🌞🌻 So shout out to @seshatcdg for 📸 where I was feeling myself during a time that I am finding myself!

I Am Queen

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