Self Care Is…

Self care is doing what you need to do for your mind body and spirit. Self care is about the tough decisions and doing the work that heals. Self Care is producing your light but protecting it from those who are ready to blow out your light…this includes ourselves.

Self care has become a buzzword but I remember going through graduate school so excited and eager to learn how to help others but had a hard time figuring out how to help myself. I was in graduate school, I worked full time, internship, caregiver, business owner, and trying to manage my very important relationship. It felt like it was all crumbling down. It was my own profession and graduate school that that really pushed for self care and taking care of myself and to put my healing and goals first.

It was with all that learning I still had to have my own experiences and I did have a huge break. I was dealing with loss and grief, starting over, not being supported, and still trying to manage my relationship that I wanted to go to the next level. I was trying to do it all be super woman not let thing effect me and trying to step into a role that was never for me. It was then I seen all the pieces and I did not know where to start! It was then that I had to pick up the pieces and make some very important decisions for my own livelihood. It was then I turned to self care and I began my healing process, gained clarity, and had the courage to put my goals, joy, and peace first.

Self care is something that is an ongoing practice. Finding your self care routine is imperative to help your daily routine, your tools when you’re not feeling your best mentally, physically, and spiritually, and pouring back into yourself. When you have given so much out it is imports to to use self care to find the courage, commitment, and clarity to fulfill your purpose.

Self care is more than painting your nails and going in fancy trip. No judgment in the previous statement but I work with people who are looking for deeper healing to find direction and fulfill their purpose. As a Self Care Coach who has been through trauma, past mistakes, hurt pain, love peace and joy wants to help othes get to the place of peace fulfillment and joy. Self Care is Queens making the decision to burn the cape and pick up their crown!


Fanya Love, MSW MSW CEO


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