#DoTheWork -Daily Plan

Affirming yourself is imperative to a healthy balance in life. We want to attract positivity in life and we also need to have the confidence to face life challenges. Sometimes we don’t feel we are good enough to do so and we need to plant the seed of faith to gain that confidence. We have to learn to encourage ourselves especially in a society that can zap our confidence. Affirmations are something we can repeat to ourselves when we are unsure, nervous, sluggish, and even have clouded judgment. Affirmations is a power tool that should be in our self care tool kit.

Here made simple affirmations to get you started:

As you know Queen of Self-Care 👸🏾🧘🏾‍♀️🧖🏾‍♀️ is doing a campaign called #DoTheWork. Providing worksheets that can assist with working through some of our day to day issues and helping to work stress. The goal is to decrease stress and increase positivity in our lives. Doing the work helps to acknowledge what is actually stressing us out and doing something about it so that we can remove ourselves from just being the victim. We not only want to survive but we want to thrive! #Dothework

Daily planner worksheet below:

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