Do The Work: Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are essential to self care and to our health overall. Boundaries set a dividing line to limit how far others can go and how far you can go. Sometimes we find ourselves doing everything for others and we need to be honest with ourselves and set boundaries on how far we can go. Sometimes we may have challenges stating how we truly feel and we get carried into situations we do not need to be in. Setting boundaries is imperative to our emotional well-being because when we are not honest with ourselves or others we begin to stuff our feelings. The attempt to set boundaries are not always easy especially when its someone you care for deeply. It is found that relationships work better when boundaries are set because it allows for honesty to be rooted into the relationship. There is less room for anger and resentment and you can have a sense of safety in the relation ship. When we have to put our foot down the conversation can be difficult so here is a tool to help you brainstorm how to work through setting boundaries.

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