Affirm yourself

The world is harsh and can teach us to be harsh to ourselves as well. We end up believing the critics in the world instead of being sure of who we are. Let’s face it ... it’s easier to listen to the media, family, friends about who we are instead of standing in our truth and taking pride in our own being. When the insecurities are out weighing our purpose we need to dig into the self care tool box. This is the time to remind yourself that you are worthy, you have purpose, and its time accept your positive attributes even when others make them for negative reactions.

Do the work:

Take 10 minutes in the morning to look in the mirror and state positive affirmations in 1st person so that you are personalizing it. Take 5-10 minutes to look in the mirror and speak positive affirmations in 2nd person to trigger your brain to think of a different perspective. The 2nd person will allow you to to think and feel that you are receiving praise from another person. Let’s face it we want to hear it from ourselves and others too. Encourage yourself to read and write positive statements. Find a favorite phrase and apply it to you. Listen to positive affirmations and videos. Look at things that at inspirational, make you laugh, smile. Another suggestion is to mind what you say. You speak negatively you are bringing negativity into the world. Start practicing speaking positive regarding yourself and others.

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