8 Ways To Put Self Care First While At Home Due To The Corona Virus

The Corona Virus is such a drag and we are all trying to protect ourselves, love ones, and fellow neighbor by staying home to prevent the spread the virus. Over and over again there has been post asking, "What should I do now that I am home bored?" People complaining about their cancelled plans and others happy to not be working. Here are 8 ways you can implement self-care and enjoy your time off at home.

1. Play games with your family that allow you to get to know your family a little more. Games such as: Roll a topic, get to know you, never have I ever (pg-13 with kiddos)

2. Take this time for reflection by journaling, recording thoughts

3. Commit to writing down your goals and adding to your planner

4. Do some at home workouts as a family or couple

5. Have you or your family been busy up until now - Binge watch your favorite shows

6. Learn new recipe and enjoy a nice home cooked meal

7. Clean your home and after you clean end it with a lighting of a candle and some tea

8. Take a nice steamy hot bath and relax

If you have an interesting story The Queen of Self Care by Fanya Love, MSW is always looking for Submissions. Please share your self care story, reflections, how - to submissions, and others to:

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