8 Ways to Have A Self Care Routine at night

Are you having issues at night getting rest? Do you wake up not feeling like you are not getting rest? If, this is the case it is time to look into your night routine. Some of us are rushing our evenings and just plop into bed, fall asleep on the couch, and some of us are not able to sleep. These are all signs of stress, not getting enough rest, which effects how we function for the next day. Here are some immediate tips that can help you implement self care for a good nights sleep.

1. Set a bed time.

It imperative to set a time for a good night rest. You need to be getting at least 7 hours of sleep. When you have 7 hours of sleep you are allowing your body to rest and heal. When you sleep better you are helping your mood, brain, and full body recovery.

2. At least an 1 hour before bed begin to start your night routine

You don't want to just flop anywhere or rush into the bed without giving your body and mind ready for bed. You want to do this by taking your bath and/or shower. Begin to engage into calming activities.

3. Take a bath/or hot shower

As mentioned above a hot bath /shower is great in the evenings to wind down and get ready for the day. You can do the practice, "Wash off for the day." Utilize tyour favorite scents that put you at ease. Light candles instead of using the full on electric lights.

4. Affirmations in the mirror

A huge suggestion here is to do some affirmations in the mirror after you step out the shower. This is to encourage positivity and self-confidence.

5. Journal

Journaling and writing your goals down will help you get some of those racing thoughts off your mind. You can also set the time to look over your goals. Write and rewrite your goals.

When we write it helps clear our mind as the thoughts racing through our mind have now been transferred to paper. You can also jot down a gratitude list which instantly puts us in a good mood.

6. Meditation

This is the perfect time to meditate over our goals and intentions. You can even take the time out practice guided imagery.

7. Stretch /yoga routine

Before hoping into the bed do a few stretches even if it is just happy baby pose.

8. Set your sleeping space up for comfortable sleep.

Get your room in the mood cut the television off, turn the phone down or put it across the room, spray lavender on your pillow. If you need light have low lights from a night light. Play white noise or nature sounds to help your room be at ease.


Please keep track of your sleeping habits especially if you are having sleeping issues. You can also see your doctor, do a sleep study, and/or sleep sleep specialist. You can contact The Queen of Self Care by commenting on blog or emailing to receive a free sleep diary.

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