7 ways To BOOST Your Confidence

We are not always showing our best-selves or even feeling it. Sometimes we get down on ourselves, can't see the wins, and lose sight of who we are. Our confidence is not it's best hight and we maybe into some behaviors that reflect low -self esteem, have thoughts that are negative, and it may all be affecting our environments as well. How can we move forward and get unstuck. Below are some tips to boost your self -esteem.

  1. Do a body scan

  2. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and anything you noticed through your body

  3. Stomp out negative thoughts by showing your self evidence of the contrary

  4. Update Your Routine

  5. Create/ journal

  6. Talk nice to yourself

  7. Exercise and Water


  1. Get in position. Sit on the floor or in a chair, whatever is comfortable. You can also lay down, as long as you won't fall asleep. Gently lower your eyes.

  2. Focus on how your body feels. Notice how you are sitting. Feel the weight of your body on the floor or in the chair. Take a few deep breaths.

  3. Move your attention slowly through the body. Start with your feet and slowly progress up your body — legs, shoulders, arms, neck — until you reach the top of your head. At each body part, stop for a few seconds and notice how it feels, whether it is tense, relaxed, tingling, painful. Pay attention to the sensation. If you don't have any strong sensations, that's okay — just notice how it feels.

  4. When your attention wanders, notice that and return to the body scan. Your attention will wander, and that's okay, too. When it does, acknowledge it, and gently bring your attention back to a specific body part.

  5. Take in your body as a whole. After you have moved through your body piece by piece, whether it was in order or randomly (both are okay), spend a few moments noticing how your entire body feels, as a whole. Take a few more breaths and slowly open your eyes to conclude the meditation.

Post By Fanya Love, MSW

Queen of Self Care


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