Adding to the Self Care Tool Kit

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Did life just hit like a ton of bricks? The cycle and purpose of life. It happens we get overwhelmed, stressed, anxious confused, and sometimes we don’t know what to do when we get into that space and our energy is off and can be unhelpful. When we are in these ruts we need to think about where the conflicts are in our life is it emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, professional, financial, social, environmental. Sometimes our stress or conflict hits more than one of these categories and One category seems more heavier.


Take out pen and paper and write down each category. Write down your current stressors under the appropriate category. Then rate each conflict 1-5 (1 little To no stress to 5 very stressful).

* Activity goal is to help get the stress out of your head and so that you can get out what is bothering you. The activity provides opportunity to help decide what is troubling the most and maybe what needs to be resolved first.

Understanding the categories and able To label where the dress comes from an begin to help us resolves when we are ruminating and clouding our thoughts that me means we need to begin to write out what is clouding our thoughts and causing stress. This is also time to take note what happens within us when we are stressed. Write down what you notice such as eating more, sluggish, isolate, tense and agitated, physical manifestations, poor concentration, and anything else you notice. This way you can begin to now the signs when you are stress and you can create a strategy to work through the stress before it becomes out of control. You can begin to know it’s time to be kind to yourself . Writing down and categorizing can help you begin your self care tool kit. Below are some ideas you can add to your self care tool kit.

Self Care tools

* Call a encouraging friend

* Watch a movie that makes you laugh

* Sleep

* Drink more water

* Journal

* Read

* Exercise

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions or even be an encourager to someone else. 🌞🌻

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